Ever heard of Reverse “Career” Bucket Lists? No? Well, now you have!

Human beings are natural planners. They are consciously or unconsciously wired to set goals that may or may not be achievable within benchmarked time frames, or over the course of their lifespan.

With career growth and development, people put unnecessary pressure on themselves when it seems like they’re accomplishing little in the workplace. Some lose their focus, believing that they’re stuck in a rut, performing mundane and repetitive tasks, and adding no value whatsoever.

At this point, you probably hate your job, your boss, your co-workers and maybe even your life, but you know what, there’s a way to get your mojo back, and that is by creating a reverse “career” bucket list.

While bucket lists are typically used to set and keep track of future goals, reverse bucket lists are useful for reminiscing about past accomplishments that on a whole, should make us thankful for how far we’ve come, while anticipating future success.

Instead of worrying incessantly and getting frustrated over things you’re yet to accomplish in your career, wouldn’t it be better to list out all the great things you have so far?

Things like:
—> Getting the job (never forget that)
—> Receiving rewards and accolades
—> Getting the promotion (booyah!)
—> Gaining knowledge and building expertise etc.

By taking the focus away from the negatives that exist in your ‘present’, you can, at least for a little while, improve your mood by reflecting on past successes and achievements, and reliving them mentally. These lists help you to regroup and refocus, creating an expectant mindset that at some point, things would realign and fall into proper placement.

Reverse bucket lists will not erase your present circumstances, but they can help you feel relevant once again, even if for a little bit.

Life may be a roller coaster with twists and turns at every corner, but you can stay grounded by having the right mindset.

Stay sharp and get your mojo back.