Everyone has bad habits. While some people are good at cloaking them within the workplace, others brazenly display them with nary a care, oblivious to the negative impact it could have on their character, and employability.

Have you become complacent in your role? Do you feel indispensable to the organization as a result of all your accolades and past performance, and deluded yourself into thinking that your presence is crucial to the organizations success?

Well, have I got news for you. You’re not!

The moment your bad habits become noticeable and repetitive, it raises red flags, that could spell the difference between you getting a pay check at the end of the month or being unemployed.

Abusing privileges as a result of your position, or being blatantly disrespectful and abusive to fellow employees will earn you no favors.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at the job for a year or 20 years, unless your name is on incorporation papers as a CEO or Founding Partner, you need to clean up your act and behave in a professional manner.

The workplace should never be mistaken for an informal environment where you can complain and air your views without condemnation or harsh consequences.

Be mindful of your red flags; make changes where necessary; and remember that most employers need very little reason to pull out the retrenchment card.