False StereotypeStereotype…

Independent women are stereotyped as being failures in relationships because their career, financial status or academic accomplishments makes them unapproachable to members of the opposite sex. They are seen as being aloof, egotistical and detached concerning matters of the heart.

This mindset is wrong, as there is no basis for women to be treated with disdain for being independent and well-off from the sweat off their back. So, I ask, does her ‘apparent’ success make her unlovable?

Not every woman was born with a silver spoon stuck in her mouth; some had to work their butts off to earn an income that allows them live within a certain level of comfort.

Yet, despite her efforts, she’ll still get belittled, ridiculed, criticized and stereotyped by some for being able to afford basic things, and catering to her own needs. She’ll get judged for flaunting her wealth. Judged for spending frugally. She’ll get judged period!

The Truth

Independent women do not need to be stereotyped by people intimidated by her status; or taken advantage of by men who like their women dependent and clingy. She doesn’t need to act poor to find love.

The focus should be on her strengths, rather than on the amount of cash at her disposal.

It’s wrong for people (irrespective of gender) to rub (or shove) their wealth and status in people’s faces, but what’s even worse, is when a person that’s well-off, blatantly ignores others in dire circumstances, when clearly in a position to render support.

The independent woman, like any other human, is expected to balance her wealth and influence without coming across as arrogant.

Yet, irrespective of the decision she makes, or point on the spectrum she belongs, people still expect her to fail at love and marriage because she’s more financially buoyant than her man.

When a woman openly flaunts her wealth, or talks non-stop about how important she is, it is okay for a man to walk away.

However, if she doesn’t make a big deal about herself, shows you genuine love and concern, tries to be supportive financially from time to time … she deserves your respect, not your criticism.


Most independent women are not single because of their career. It could be that:

  • they haven’t found the right one yet;
  • their past or current relationship went sour;
  • they’re recovering from a broken heart;
  • or they’ve sworn off men for the moment.

It could be anything really.

People need to get over their pointless stereotype, bias, unnecessary labeling, finger pointing and senseless assessments when it comes to independent women.

An independent woman does not need to kiss ar*e before she’s respected and valued. She does not need to prove a point.

You take her as is and work together to make the relationship last, or you back away without commitment.

She doesn’t need you to come into her life, waste her time, and break her heart at the same time. She deserves better!

Are women expected to become dependent by reason of finding love? Is it impossible to show and receive love and support from a man without being belittled for being hard working and well compensated?

There’s no easy way to say this, but she shouldn’t give a sh*t about what people think.