Sex AddictSome people have insatiable appetites when it comes to sex. This can be fun in the beginning of a relationship, however, with time, it becomes worrisome. Is sex addiction real? Yes! Do these addicts always own up to it?  No! Some don’t even realize they have an addiction. They are so used to taking out their frustrations, anger, distress, guilt and even shame through compulsive sex.

No two individuals in a relationship have the same sex drive. Some can do with less (waaay less sex – which doesn’t make them frigid), while others can do with a lot more (which doesn’t make them freaks). Having differing sexual appetites doesn’t make you less compatible. It simply means is that you’ll need to work a little harder, or slower to have a mutually satisfying relationship.

This incessant need for mindless sex with random partners has ruined numerous relationships and driven others still to deterioration. Some people cover up their addiction to sex by cheating, lying and pretending to be otherwise. They prefer to string their partners along, rather than break things up or seek help for their issues. They leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake, with no care to come clean and be honest.

Don’t be that guy or gal who finds it difficult to communicate with their significant other. Be honest enough to discuss your feelings, likes, dislikes, needs with each other. The worse that can happen is that they’ll walk away. But even that is a lot better than deceiving someone for months or even years on end, before dropping that sh*t on them (or they eventually realize the truth).

Like every other addiction out there, help is available for sex addicts. The first step to a recovery is by owning up to your addiction and identifying your triggers. Sexual addiction sometimes covers up an underlying problem that may go deeper than wanting to get lost in sex, scratch an itch, or get rid of frustrations and stress. It may be a cry or sign of wanting to feel affection and love. The bottom line is that when one partner is an addict the relationship tends to suffer.

You’re not made of stone, and even people who’ve sworn to be celibate struggle with the primal need to mate. What you shouldn’t be doing is taking your frustrations out on faceless and nameless people –  using their bodies for instant gratification, as a means to forget. If your addiction pushes you into the arms of random strangers on the regular, then you need to seek help. Not only are you leaving yourself open to disease and infections, but you’re no closer to getting the fulfillment you crave – even in the arms of numerous men and women. What you’re doing is hurting yourself unnecessarily, and leaving a trail of mistrust and heartache everywhere you go.

Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy sexual relationships, and seek help if your addiction gets out of hand. You and your partner would be better off for it.