InsecurityThere’s a popular belief that women are more insecure than men when it comes to love and matters of the heart. They are stereotyped as being the weaker sex, clingy, needy and dependent on their partners, and constantly expecting validation from them in order to fulfill their needs of wanting to feel loved.

This narrative, though annoying, does not apply to every woman. Truth be told, some women are insecure, they constantly devalue themselves, and belittle their importance, giving credence to the belief that they are indeed weaker and more insecure.

They constantly need the validation of their partners to feel comfortable, loved, and relevant in their relationship and this should not be the case.

These women ask themselves annoying questions like “Does he still love me?” “Does he still find me attractive?” “Am I good enough?” etc. etc. When will the questioning and feelings of insecurity stop?

If things are so out of sync or seem out of place, all that needs doing is to sit down as a couple and openly discuss your issues. That’s all!

We should be mature enough to express ourselves, instead of going days, months and even years feeling inferior and struggling to mend fences that are broken and irreparable.

Wrong Narrative

Not every woman is bold or has the confidence to express themselves during unpleasant situations or even stand up for themselves when faced with conflict. But the truth is that if ever you’re in doubt about your position in your partners life, all you need to do is confront the situation head on and ask them outright.

Stop second guessing yourself or reading different meanings into things to the point of giving yourself a brain hemorrhage.

Some get so insecure that they become paranoid believing that everything is working against them, not knowing that their very actions are destroying their relationships and that they are the biggest obstacle to their own happiness.

It is easy to know when a man’s heart is no longer in a relationship. He becomes detached, shows disinterest, openly cheats or encourages you to leave. You will see it and you feel it in your heart unless you’re intentionally blind, obtuse, and oblivious.

Call The Shots…

You need to be bold enough to talk about your feelings, to walk out rather than suffer in silence. Not every relationship ends at the altar. Not every relationship that crosses the altar has a happy ending. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to love and relationships.

So, give yourself some peace of mind by standing up for yourself, and talking about things that make you feel insecure. Revive the relationship if you can and accept and walk away when it’s over.

You should never be content to live with insecurity, never feeling good enough, like you never measure up to your mate… it’s a negative mentality that needs to be stopped.

You are not allowed to look down on yourself and live a life of mediocrity. Stop getting your value and self-worth from someone else. Learn to love yourself!