A narcissist is difficult to love. These people are not only pompous with an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement, they are also difficult to love and a nightmare to live with long term.

With relationships involving giving, taking, and compromising, going this journey with a narcissist can be a torture to the mind, body and spirit because there is no reasoning with them, pleasing them, or understanding their love for putting others down in order to constantly validate themselves.

How do you cope when your significant other expects more than you’re prepared or able to give? Or puts a strain on the relationship by making it all about them while completely disregarding your position? Your feelings, emotions and needs pale in comparison to theirs; leaving you unfulfilled, feeling irrelevant, bereft of love saddled with a low self-esteem.

Selfishness in a relationship is hard to ignore or live with no matter how much love you’ve got to give. A narcissistic partner is manipulative and quick to take offense at every turn. They’re a poison that leave you bitter and confused.

Yet with all these glaring features, some women still refuse to break free from their narcissistic partners preferring instead to carry on in the hopes that someday they’ll become emotionally available, loving, and sincere… but the truth is that this rarely happens.

These people are abusive, they torture you emotionally, find faults with everything you do, blow small matters out of proportion, and are only concerned about their feelings, needs, happiness, desires, entitlement and fulfillment EVERY SINGLE TIME. They believe that you need them more than they need you, so, they’ll show you time and time again that the only thing that’s important in the relationship is them. They never take responsibility for any thing, even when it’s obviously their fault.

It is difficult to restore balance in such relationships. It is difficult to love such a person. A narcissist will always want to be superior while treating you as inferior. They will try to be the center of attention, belittle you every chance they get, criticize easily, find faults, and make comparison. They’ll throw your best effort in your face and make you feel like you’re not doing enough to deserve their presence in your life.

They’ll keep you working extra hard to save the relationship and keep the love; then turn around and blame you, or make you feel guilty when the relationship hits a rough patch. It doesn’t matter what – it’s always your fault! You cannot win with these people so don’t bother trying. Every discussion becomes an agreement and you’ll be left feeling flustered, inferior and emotionally handicapped.

Stop making excuses for wanting to remain with these people unless you’re open to living in a toxic relationship. They’ll never change. They will always want to remain dominant and superior. They are self-absorbed, conceited and full of shit.

You alone get to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not. Just remember that some damages can never be repaired.