Jealous ExJealousy in relationships can be annoying as f*ck especially when you always have to justify your actions and convince your partner of your commitment and faithfulness towards them. Dealing with a jealous ex on the other hand, is not only absurd, but also irritating because you don’t owe them shit, and are not obligated to please them. If the relationship is really over, you should be able to live your life without giving a hoot about what they think or how they feel. You’re no longer an item or on the same bandwidth.

Unfortunately, some people still feel bound to their ex. They feel pressured to make them happy despite not being together. Why should you care? Are you not entitled to be happy again? They’re only expected to get jealous when you’re together; when it’s over, that’s it. Nothing they do or say to you should matter.

These days when relationships end, ‘some ex’ refuses to let go when they realize that you’ve moved on with your life, or found love again. They believe you’re indebted to them, and for some weird reason, their opinions and feelings still weigh heavy on your heart.

You, yes you, need to shake that feeling off. You’re no longer together so what they think no longer matters. They do not need to know every single detail of your life, nor does their opinion matter. You’ve moved on and they should do the same.

If your breakup was due to misplaced loyalties or infidelity, I don’t see why you should be concerned about their feelings. The breakup does not have to be mutual to be final. The fact that one of the partners has moved on to someone else should be clear enough for the ex to understand. If you reconcile and get back together with time, then they can express their emotions to you. But to have an ex calling to vent or complain about how you’ve moved on from them and how happy you’ve become while harboring feelings of jealousy is just plain silly.

It’s really absurd, and you shouldn’t fall prey to their narrative unless you’re on a rebound and intentionally trying to make them jealous while secretly hoping for a reconciliation. If that’s your aim, then good luck to you. Just remember that your rebound may force them to rebound and genuinely fall for their new partner. Your plan could backfire, leaving you more heartbroken and bereft. Remember that perfectly scripted endings only happen on-screen and in novels, it doesn’t apply to real life couples.

If you are hoping to reconcile, then make it clear. If you want to move on with someone else, make that equally clear. When you do, you’ll find that you’re no longer concerned about what your ex thinks or feels. You’ll be more focused on your new relationship and dedicated to making it work. Just don’t put up with their jealous rage when you’re trying to make the best of an already difficult situation. Move on or move back, just do what makes you happy.