Toxic RelationshipsThere is no perfect relationship on the planet. Each one is saddled with its ups and downs and some level of toxicity which couples work in unison to balance. However, if your relationship is openly toxic with one partner spiraling out of control, you need to pay attention to the red flags and get out while you can.

A healthy relationship is not competitive, neither does it seek to prove who’s dominant; rather, it is a partnership where each person owns up to their mistakes and works hard to make it work. If one person is not open to communicating about issues or receiving feedback, and it feels like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around them, drained of all your energy because of drama that’s sucking the very life out of you … then you are in a toxic relationship.

Toxic Love

Some people are difficult, overly critical and judgmental about everything that concerns their relationship… and just a nightmare to be with. They intentionally or unintentionally shut you down when important issues arise, and have a shitty way of relating and dealing with people. Toxic people tend to be narcissistic, self-absorbed and only concerned about their own needs and feelings. They don’t care that they’re hurting other people, and are skilled at ruining the happiness of those closest to them. These people are extremely negative and make life unbearable for their partners.

For those who persist with hostile, judgmental, distrustful and narcissistic relationships, where one partner constantly seeks to control the other, you only have yourself to blame when the relationships turns violent and confrontational.

How can you abide in a relationship where you’re always nervous, constantly trying to defend, gauge or avoid your partners emotional outburst, always in the middle of an argument or misunderstanding like a never-ending power tussle?

The Truth

Don’t get lost in a relationship to the point that you forget about yourself; content to drown in unhappiness, frustration and emotional turmoil rather than breaking free and walking out. Toxic relationships are unhealthy, manipulative and one sided. All you’ll get in return is increased anxiety, stress, and harassment. It’s so not worth it.

The only thing you’re gaining from this relationship is heartache. Continuing in the hopes that you can change, repair and restore your partner is not always realistic. You have to overcome your fear of being abandoned or heartbroken and extricate yourself before things get worse.

When it becomes all too glaring that your partner cannot change, get your shit together and head for the nearest exit. I can’t muster the tiniest bit of remorse and pity for those who pretend the problem doesn’t exist, preferring instead to endure in the never-ending cycle of what ifs and trepidation. You’ve got numerous shots at being happy, so don’t waste your life and time waiting for someone to love you right.

Don’t let that be you. Make the decision now to break free from toxic partners and live a happy life.