Unemployment sucks… been there, done that, and working hard never to go down that road AGAIN. The feeling of inadequacy, frustration and self-loathe are all too familiar, especially when others around you seem to be doing pretty well for themselves (changing jobs, moving up the career ladder, closing deals… you get my drift, right?).

So why are most still unemployed? Love it or hate it, here are my 10 reasons:

1) You’ve just about had it with the cycle of feeling inspired and enthusiastic only to get shut down by some rejection letter (join the club! I received so many that I had to create a folder in my email just for them).

2) You can’t be asked to put in any effort to make the job hunt easier – wrong mindset (after all you’re gonna get disqualified by your lack of knowledge about current affairs, the company background, your age, or some other reason that the recruiter comes up with despite being highly skilled).

3) You’re still expecting a call back from one of the organizations you applied to last year… or was it the year before? (After all they promised to get back to you, right?).

4) You’ve developed a ‘badass’ business plan in ‘your head’ that’s sure to bring in the big bucks (only problem is you haven’t given it any extra thought or put your plans down on paper… playing mind games with yourself, huh?).

5) You’ve gotten comfortable with your couch, er I mean routine, so why change that? (Do I really need to explain this bit?).

6) You haven’t found the right opportunity yet (overlooking the fact that tons of undergrads enter the job market yearly, and unused skills become obsolete… and we’re all replaceable).

7) You’ve got an excellent support system so you’re not particularly in the dumps (great family, friends, reasonable income, plus a free roof above your head…lucky bugger).

8) You can talk your way out of any argument or criticism (tough love is always necessary because you need someone to tell you like it is sometimes – no sugar coating).

9) You’re scared of being disappointed again (life happens! And sometimes we have no control over the events that we experience, or the disappointment we feel when something so perfect goes downhill quick).

10) You!

If you want something bad enough, you need to make it happen. Dragging your feet on the possibility of growth and success only keeps you rooted to the same spot. The truth is that job security is never guaranteed, irrespective of how smart, talented or experienced you may be.

Very few people are fortunate to remain in the same job year in year out. Change is good, and should be embraced no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get your act together and go find a job. If that doesn’t work, create something for yourself. Join a cause! Take active part in the community! Do something and keep at it, just don’t give up or lose your drive in life.