Unhealthy Eating Habits

Ever wondered why unhealthy food and beverages are so delicious and addictive? Well, it’s because they are brimming with so much sodium, sugar and fat that leave the body craving for more.

Some people believe that maintaining a healthy diet is difficult and expensive, especially when incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fiber and seafood into one’s diet. Be that as it may, the long term benefits of eating healthy offsets the costs of treating or managing diseases borne from unhealthy eating habits.

As we age, our metabolism becomes sluggish. This is further worsened by consuming a junk fueled diet that is not only dangerous, but introduces diseases that are expensive to treat and control with medication.

On the other hand, an active lifestyle and healthy diet  is more beneficial to the body short and long term.

Three core problems of unhealthy eating habits are:

Health Issues & Diseases

A diet that is high in fat, salt or sugar can result in the development of a wide range of diseases and health conditions as:

  • The excessive intake of sugary drinks, biscuits, ice cream and chocolates can result in diabetes. The excess sugar is stored as fat, making it difficult for the body to utilize insulin, putting you at risk for type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.
  • Cakes, pastries and snacks consumed in excess can lead to obesity. When the body absorbs too much unhealthy fat than it can break down daily, it is forced to store up fat around the body, and most likely, the organs.
  • Regular consumption of junk food, pre-packaged/processed meals, canned food can clog the arteries, increase the blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, and lead to hypertension and heart disease. Junk food is filled with calories high in sodium and preservatives, some of which cannot be absorbed by the body.
  • The high level of starch in processed food dangerously increases the blood sugar level.

Other health related issues that may be experienced are: cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, body pains, arthritis etc.

Control Measures: Regular exercise and a diet balanced with the proper quantities of protein, healthy fats, seafood, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fruits, vegetables etc. makes it possible for the body to improve it’s functions and combat diseases.

Insufficient Nutrients

Fast foods do not provide any nutritional value. They are over processed, and filled with preservatives that are harmful to the body.

Insufficient nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D (bone weakness), calcium (bone loss/osteoporosis), fiber (unhealthy colon and intestines), potassium (fatigue) etc. can contribute to the risk of developing health problems down the line.

Control Measures: A healthy diet equips the body with the proper nutrition necessary to grow, function, maintain longevity and ward off diseases.

Weight Gain & Obesity

Inactivity, a poor exercise regimen alongside unhealthy eating habits make the body store up fat. This excess fat clogs the arteries; puts unnecessary pressure on the heart, bones and joints; causes breathing problems; and worsens the overall health.

Control Measures: A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, lean protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, carbohydrates etc. is needed to keep the body weight in check.

Unhealthy eating long term can prove fatal if left unchecked. Therefore, mindless eating and drinking has to be curbed early.

Discipline with regards to food is needed to foster a healthier lifestyle.