Staying FitWanna know the trick to maintaining your figure over the holidays after slaving through the summer season in the gym? Keep fit!

You know your body, understand its reactions to grub high on sugar and bad fat, why would you put it through unnecessary stress by cramming it up with all the delicious wickedness of food over a holiday weekend?

You are indeed what you eat, as whatever goes in your gut is evident in your skin, hair, nails and general health and feeling of well-being.


There is such a thing as too much good food. No matter how delicious the meal, it isn’t worth the hassle of having fatty liver, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and fat choking the heart and arteries.

Portion control cannot be stressed enough, balancing all your meals with veggies and fruits, drinking enough water, sleeping enough hours, balancing work/home stress levels and a long list of very important stuff cannot be overemphasized.

Chocolates, biscuits, fizzy drinks, protein, carbohydrates etc. etc. are good but too much of it in the wrong quantity, consumed in the same pattern over and over again can set you up for failure real quick.

When exercise becomes a lifestyle, it doesn’t really matter whether the holiday season rolls in or not, your body will stay true to itself. Take up yoga, dancing, walking, jogging or some form of cardio for as little as 45 minutes a day and watch your body stay true to form.

The Trick

It doesn’t really matter what type of eater you are (vegan, vegetarian etc.), if you are balancing all your meals appropriately while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being overweight would never really be an issue.

Some people can’t even tell when they’ve had enough to eat; they consume every last bit of food on their plates irrespective of how they feel. Drinking excessively to match their abuse on food puts extra strain on the bones and organs, forcing flesh to stretch to accommodate their ever increasing bulk.

Yo-yo dieting alongside extreme and unrealistic starvation methods may be effective over a short period of time, but truth be told, all the weight lost – water weight really – is eventually regained, and oftentimes, double their initial number.

Major celebrity endorsed diets tend to be effective, but what people don’t know is that these celebs adjust their lifestyles accordingly. They have in-house fitness trainers, dietitians, chefs…the full works really, making it easy for them to stick to a diet and see results.

The regular man, however, doesn’t have all that at hand, so it becomes all the more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term.

The bottom line is that life is short, and your body is the only home you’ve got.

Treat it well and you will live to enjoy the benefits… don’t get hooked on the sweet stuff!