Self-deception is an annoying habit that has somehow become the norm for most adults – and even kids these days. People have somehow become skilled at making lame excuses for themselves; for their inability to accomplish or overcome obstacles in their lives.

This habit affects people irrespective of their upbringing, financial status, or accomplishments, and masks the underlying problem, a complete refusal to make crucial changes.

Let’s get real for a moment, no one has the emotional bandwidth to keep up with your drama and excuses long term. If you need change, you’ve got to work for it.

People are quick to apportion blame on other people or factors for their problems rather than identifying the real cause of their woes – habits that cause more harm than good.

Case in point, an obese person blaming their genes for their weight knowing full well that their eating, drinking and lack of fitness habits are unhealthy; or a perpetually broke yet hardworking person blaming circumstances for their financial woes rather than considering their spending habits… you catch my drift? Self-deception will hurt you the most in the long run.

Some have lost complete control over their habits, content to live a life filled with regrets and depression with no end point in view. Life is tough for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you should go around with a defeated mentality when you’ve got the power to change your circumstances.

If you were fortunate to have been born with good health, or got a job that keeps you afloat, or a strong family base and support system, then you’ve got very little reason to live a despondent life, very little reason to complain.

You need to wake up, get dressed and f-king get out the door. You do not need to watch motivational videos, listen to pep-talks or podcasts to make a move in your life. All you need to do is to get up and roll out. Your inability to identify your problems and tackle them head on would only keep affecting you while irritating the people around you.

You need to change, make adjustments, or change that pattern. No one needs to encourage you to get your butt in gear. You just need to get up and out. Quit senseless eating, drinking, bingeing, and incessant complaining; spending like someone without responsibilities; putting off fitness goals when you know its beneficial to your existence.

Quit all the bullshit. There’s no point in delaying the inevitable, it only makes things worse. You want it, work for it and carpe-the-freaking-diem!

So, if you’re currently struggling with making a change or with a decision, stop it. People can only push you to a certain extent, you have got to walk the rest of the miles alone. Do it because you need it. You don’t need anyone’s validation at this point.