Justifying Bad BehaviorDon’t you just hate it when people base their bad behavior on stupid things like family genes and zodiac signs?  Yes, Joe, I know you’ve got a hot-headed Dad, and you’re a Leo, but how does that relate to your nasty behavior?

We need to own up to our own shit and stop faffing about, giving lame excuses, and blaming people unnecessarily. Indeed, what’s bred in the bone is evident in the flesh, but you alone are in control and responsible for your actions. It’s so irritating and exceedingly lame for a full-grown adult to misbehave, and then try to justify his or her actions on the behavior pattern of a long-deceased ancestor.

Like really, what gives? How does that even work?

Whether you’re lily-livered or brave and brash, the onus is on you to act appropriately and handle issues maturely as opposed to blowing things out of proportion and just being an ar*e. You can’t put off changing an inherently negative behavior or attribute because all the men in your family act or respond in a certain way.

Calm Yourself…

When things relate to YOU, it is up to YOU to make a change; it is up to YOU to own up to your shortcomings; it is up to YOU to act responsibly. It’s got nothing to do with your bloodline, zodiac sign, or the alignment of the stars, all that is needed is for you to address certain traits in your life and make the necessary adjustments when you realize that it is destroying the relationships all around you.

If your attitude continues unchecked, you’ll end up burning bridges and hurting a lot of people around you – to the point of eventually hurting yourself. When issues arise, and you’re about to blow your top as per usual, think of the consequences first, and do your best to tone down your typical response and reaction.

If you can change, then change for the better.

Own your issues and blame no one.