ProcreationWith so much pressure put on the youth to get married and begin a new chapter of their lives, it is mind boggling to see people continue to meddle, especially on the subject of procreation. Is procreation a must for every household? Must every married couple reproduce and populate the earth with wailing babies? Are their lives incomplete due to the absence of children? Aren’t there enough children in the world? When does this interference stop? The invisible rule book to life and marriage is complex to the point of being ridiculous.

Challenges Of Procreation

Procreation in itself is a trying process, with stress, disappointments, and challenges attached. Couples do not need the added pressure of the opinions of misguided people to make things even worse. It is unpleasant and upsetting to be reminded or challenged about your childless state on a daily basis. Not everyone is interested in having children during the first couple of years of their marriage. Some don’t want children period! They shouldn’t be made to feel like monsters for the decisions they make. People don’t have the right to dictate what goes on in another’s home – it doesn’t work that way.

The world is filled with parents who know nothing about raising their kids. Some parents are neglectful, some abusive. Others are raising kids in homes filled with drugs and harmful substances. While others still are abusers, criminals and the worst kind of humans. Why bring up a child under these circumstances?

No one should make you feel guilty about wanting a child-free home? Or a home without kids for the moment. We are each entitled to making our homes the way we want, without offending others, or going against their norm. Not every couple has the instincts needed to raise children the right way, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Opinion Of Naysayers

The time has come for people to stop making baseless comments or jumping to pointless conclusions about a couple’s childless state. Not everyone wants children and that’s a fact. Not everyone can afford to raise children. Some people are dealing with ill health, financial troubles and all sorts of issues that are private to them. They don’t need your constant drilling, and questioning, and interference on issues that pertains to their homes. They need you to be supportive irrespective of the decisions they make.

There are millions of abandoned children out there crying for love and the comfort of a home. So many children are facing undue hardship, forced to live on the streets, or bow to peer pressure because of the absence of loving guardians. One couple’s decision not to procreate isn’t going to cause an imbalance in the world. The sun would not cease to rise as a result, nor would the earth cease to rotate.

The age-old tradition of marrying for the sole purpose of procreating has ended. People need to get on board with the facts that the world has evolved, and not every couple is best suited to be parents.

If you’re not being supportive, then your opinions are best kept to yourself. It is ultimately up to the couple to make decisions about their household without giving a damn about the opinions of naysayers.