People are highly opinionated – fact! People are wired to questions things that deviate from the norm – fact! At what point do we draw the line on what’s personal to the individual and what’s open for discussion and debate?

These days they’re either marriage shaming, body shaming or childless shaming people seemingly obsessed with mentally bullying people to fit a mold that is unsustainable for some and unrealistic at best. This weird obsession has gotten so far out of hand that its affecting people’s perceptions of themselves, affecting their self-worth and damaging their self-esteem.

Life is subjective, what may work for some is not guaranteed to work for others. There is no defined script or rule book that clearly defines the way of life for every human being. Children are being bullied in schools and online, some have taken their lives, and yet, nothing has been done to put an end to the incessant bullying going on in our society.

Unfortunately, most people get assurance of their self-value from others. So, once people disapprove of an aspect of their life, they become depressed and go about feeling inferior and unwanted – unloved – irrelevant. Living mediocre lives believing they cannot amount to much.

There is no ideal body size! Body shaming or fat shaming is such an offensive practice and it needs to stop. No individual has the right to make another feel useless. Obesity is something that so many people struggle with, they don’t need you or your two cents opinion making them feel horrible and ashamed for existing. Every overweight person knows the consequences of the extra weight on their body and internal organs. They don’t need you harping non-stop about their body size and what’s acceptable.

When it comes to marriage, we know that despite one’s best intentions, a relationship can go sour real quick. Some people are fortunate to maintain long lasting unions; others are not. Others yet are simply pretending and keeping up false appearances so that society does not come at them for breaking its rules. Some things work, some don’t. You shouldn’t be made to feel inadequate by anyone.

And oh, the thing with children, it is intensely annoying when people run off at the mouth about one’s decision to remain childless – or in most cases, their inability to procreate. This is a sensitive subject, and it is so offensive, when people (especially those close to us), pass comments or jump to lame conclusions without knowing or understanding what the individual is going through.

Stop listening. I tell you, just stop listening to all the bullshit. If you’re over weight, try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine and do your best to eat right – you’ll enjoy your remaining years on earth that way.

If you’re single, searching or going through a breakup or divorce; it doesn’t matter whose fault it was, just do what seems best to have your peace of mind. If you wanna get back into the relationship game, then go for it. If you’ve had enough, then occupy your life with things that make you happy. Just do you!

If you’ve decided to remain childless or have been unable to conceive; remember that whatever decision you eventually make is personal to you. You don’t have to kiss ar*e to make others happy. You could adopt, buy a pet or even a stuffed animal. Just do what makes you happy.

The time has come to call out all the bullshit opinions of how we choose to live our lives. Bullying should never be accepted as the norm, it is wrong. Enough people have lost their lives and self-esteem because society told them that they did not fit a particular mold. There is no mold! There is no singular definition of an individuals body size, marital status, childless status or whatever factor that they are currently using to judge people.

The time has come to silence all the loose talk, to shut people up once and for all. Enough with all the judgement. It is time to live and let live. Time’s up on all the shaming bullshit!