AdoptionIn Africa and in some countries around the world, adoption as opposed to the traditional system of procreation is viewed as a deviation from the norm; as couples are expected to have children immediately after getting wed i.e. pronto!

This is not a universally held view, and thank heavens for that, but it is amazing that in this day and time, some still find it difficult to understand the many benefits adoption offers couples who find it difficult to conceive.

The Truth

Not every couple willingly considers adoption, but after going through years battling health issues, fertility issues, and an indescribable sense of failure and frustration; some are left with no other option than to adopt, as it offers them a way to fulfill their dreams of having children, of being parents, without endangering their health and general well-being any further.

Orphanages and juvenile centers are over run by orphaned, abandoned, and misguided children. Some were neglected on the streets, in dumps, and others conceived by parents incarcerated in prisons and mental facilities.


These children deserve good homes and to be treated properly. They deserve to feel loved and relevant irrespective of the identity of their birth parents.

Why should couples continue to subject themselves to invasive treatments, therapy, and ridicule in the name of having kids with their own DNA, when already made solutions are available?

Adoption is the way to go if procreation is difficult. It offers single individuals the opportunity to have kids; and couples a way to raise more, when theirs are all grown and out of the house.

It is not a taboo or something to be frowned upon as an anomaly. Society should encourage the adoption of orphans and the less privileged rather than undermining its importance.

Most of these children grow up feeling unlovable and irrelevant, seeking attention any way possible just to feel like they belong. It is crucial to get them into good homes; or include them in programs guided by adults to aid in their growth and development, where they can learn values essential to their future.

People need to change their perception of adoption and procreation as a whole. These children need so much from the world, and it is wrong to blame them for being abandoned or losing their parents, or to go as far as consider it a taboo to raise another man’s child.

Adoption offers so many choices – you can bring home a baby, a toddler, or even a teenager, it all depends on you. Don’t keep your love on lock down, they are too many innocent children out there desperately in need of what you’ve got to offer.

Change your perception, and be amazed at how fulfilling your life will become.

Show Love!!!